Breakbulk Cargo

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Breakbulk Cargo

The main benefits of shipping in this aspect is the ability to move oversized, over-weight items that wouldn't otherwise fit into a container or cargo bin. We go extra mile to achieve this effectively.

Container shipping is typically the most cost-effective and efficient method of ocean freight forwarding, but what if the goods you need to ship don’t fit in a standard shipping container? In this case, you may need to move your cargo using break bulk shipping.

Break bulk transportation involves moving large cargo in smaller units, such as pallets, barrels, drums, boxes, or bags. If you have break bulk cargo, let Abiel Logistics facilitate the move from beginning to end. With our years of experience and extensive professional network in the project cargo forwarding industry, we know how to transport your shipment safely and at the lowest possible cost to you.

Break Bulk Features & Benefits Below are a few of the benefits of this shipping method:

  • It Allows Heavy Industry & Power Generation Businesses to Move Their Equipment: Some equipment, such as windmills and large drills, can only be transported using break bulk.
  • It Allows Goods to Enter Minimally-Developed Ports: Some smaller ports cannot accommodate large container ships or tankers, and in these cases, it may be necessary to use a smaller ship designed to carry broken down cargo.
  • It Makes It Easier to Keep Goods Separated: If your goods need to be delivered to their final destination in separate units, it may make more sense to utilize break bulk than to combine them in a container and separate them later.

Why Choose Abiel Logistics for Break Bulk Services? Break bulk requires more third party handling than containerized cargo, and if you’re shipping your goods this way, you need to make sure you’re working with a freight forwarding company you can rely on. With over 9 years in the shipping industry and a history of handling challenging project cargo, Abiel Logistics has the experience necessary to facilitate your cargo transportation.

We oversee the entire shipping process, from loading the cargo to delivering it directly to its final destination. We can also provide inland transportation using flatbed trucks or even barges. And no matter how complex your move, we’ll communicate with you throughout the transportation process so that you always know where your cargo is and how it’s being handled.

Our Team

Our source of strength is our team of dedicated professionals, who are committed to their task and who monitor the cargo irrespective of volume at every stage, whether it is by air or sea.

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Abiel Logistics values are more than just words and definitions; they are the core of our daily business. For each of us, the challenge is to not simply believe in our values but rather actually behaving in keeping with our values.

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